More than ten years ago, in 2008, we started to build our dream in a small office in Padova.

We were just coders and technology enthusiasts who wanted to exploit their passion for the digital world to change the way brands connect with people.

We named it Diginess, the fusion of “Digital” and “Business”.

We imagined something different, a small, high quality digital production studio that valued real client partnerships, that results in exceptional work facilitated by integrated teams.

It's been an amazing journey. Over these years we built a small but extraordinary team, full of skilled and passionate people. Throughout these years, we have been honest, committed and brave.

We worked hard to keep that dream alive through growing expectations and we are now ready to bring it to the next level.

Since the 13th of December 2018, Diginess is part of atoms. With this step, we are not only changing our identity, but also embracing our new future.
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